Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 3 of Rice fast


Rice combonation with coconut and milk.  I like it heated or hot like oatmeal. I also decided to add a little raisins.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Out of town on the Rice Fast OH NO!!!

Ok keep think about me.  I am going out of town to go shopping. Trader joes. Whole foods.  I am going to take my rice with me.  Do you think I can make it. 

Well we will see.  I have to report to you guys tommorrow.  I hope so far some of you out there have been encourage about my journey.  I feel tired. I don't think it's from the rice. I really worked hard today.

Dinner What will I do with Rice?

OK Dinner

yes to be honest I was a little un enthusiastic about rice for dinner.  I decided to throw some peas into it and put some india spices into. Kind of like a curry pea rice dish.  I had that will salad greens. 

It was ok. I guess I could have done a little differently.  It did fill me up.  I am forgetting the chewing

Chewing is the essential part of Macrobiotics.  If I am serious about this way of eating I have to Chew , Chew , Chew.  But seriously my Jaw muscle hurt.  I think I will have a big face after this.  You know new Jaw muscles.   I probably will have my standard yogurt and herbal tea before the night is over.

I also have taken my vitamins today, Calcium.   I am very happy to have made it through day two.

Day Two Lunch of the Modified Rice Fast


I had rice with vegetables.  It was really left over from last nights dinner.  I put the left overs in a storage container. Just grab it to go.  I had it for lunch.  It was not hot, nor cold.  But I was surprized I really enjoyed it at lunch.  I had cut up onions in that vegetable mixture. 
I diffently think the rice soaked up the vegetables and seasoning.  It made a little better taste

I worked very hard today.  Shoveling.  I was planting small bushes and shrubbery.   I had fun.  I had plenty of energy.  Also , a sense I confidence that I am now on the right track.

Day Two of The Rice Fast

Day Two of  Modified Rice Fast

Well, Well


Oh I did have my coffee with the degredated creamer. ( I love it!)

I woke up not to hungry.   The truth is the rice fills you up.  I had the rice with some shredded coconut and almond milk and, almonds.  Well it really is just like oatmeal with a different consistency.
I thought my bowel system would kick in.  But no nothing unsual.  I proabably need to drink more water.
I woke up a little tired feeling.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A little yogurt

It is now bed time.  I always have yogurt before bed good for the intestines.  I had it tonight.  I don't think I will change that.  Remember it is a Modified Fast.  I feel good.  In addition I have a sense of well being that I am really doing something in the right direction.

Remember the Goal to become A Macrobiotic eater.  I am on my way.  Join me.

Dinner on the 10 day modified Rice fast interesting results


Brown rice

For Dinner tonight I had the Brown rice mixed with some vegetables and some seasoning.  I had a wierd sensation this afternoon.  I was sitting in my den and it was very hard for me to gather my thoughts.  I felt a little fuzzy in the head.  Ok sometimes we all get that way. But this was a little different.  I have experience detoxing results.  If anyone out there knows why I felt this way let me know.  It went away.  Although my husband might debate that ( just kidding).  I will let you know if this is part of the detox.